Friday, April 9, 2010

20 minute Circuit

Here's a fun but challenging 20 minute circuit that I cooked up.

Medium weights or medicine ball (I use 8 - 10 pounds)
Jump Rope (optional - I just pretend I have one)
Music (for motivation)

3 minute Warm Up:
1 minute regular march in place -1 minute wide march-1 minute side to side step

1 minute - jump rope - alternating feet (moderate tempo and intensity)
1 minute - narrow jacks (don't jump out very wide)

Active Rest: 1 minute (walk around room)

1 minute - moderate tempo squats with weights
1 minute - pushups (on knees or toes)
1 minute - plank jacks (in plank position - either on hands or bent arms - jump legs out and in like a prone jumping jack

Active Rest: 1 minute

1 minute - jump rope (high intensity, fast tempo)
1 minute - wide jacks (legs jump out wider)
1 minute - fast tempo squats with weights

Active Rest: 1 minute

1 minute - narrow high knee jog (legs fairly close together)
1 minute - wide high knee jog (legs far apart)
1 minute - jump rope - feet together -side to side 'ski jumps'
1 minute - jump rope - alternating feet - 'swing jump'

Cool Down: 2 minutes:
Walk around room to slowly lower heart rate


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