Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring Interval Workout

Spring is great for outdoor interval training! I personally love interval training. I think it's because it makes the workout fly by and keeps me focused on what's coming next. Anyway, here's one of my favorite 30 minute intermediate workouts that I like to do outside. I use a 10 point scale for walking tempo (1 being super slow and 10 being the fastest you can walk before running). For running tempo, I use a 5 point system (1 is a slow jog, 5 is your fastest sprint). You can tweak those point systems and make them work for you if you like. :)

3 minute walking warmup (5/10)
5 minute faster walk (6/10)
1 minute run ( 1/5)
4 minute walk (7/10)
1 minute run (2/5)
3 minute walk (8/10)
1 minute run (3/10)
2 minute walk (8/10)
1 minute run (4/5)
1 minute walk (8/10)
2 minute run (3/5)
1 minute walk (8/10)
5 minute cool down walk (starting at 5/10 and reducing tempo)
End with a nice stretch!


  1. I will try this soon, but it will have to be on my tm since it is freaking snowing here!