Friday, April 2, 2010

Go Wear Fit

What's a 'Go Wear Fit' you ask? Well let me tell you!

The 'Go Wear Fit' is a device that you actually wear (like ALL the time) that records your activity levels (light to vigorous), steps taken, calories burned, sleep duration, and sleep efficiency. You wear an armband on your left arm (which I believe picks up body temp and overall movement), and if you choose, a display unit. The display unit basically looks like a watch, although it can be detached from the wrist band and worn clipped on to clothing. The display unit is sold separately but if you buy the armband, I would strongly advise you to go ahead and get the display as well. It makes sense to me to be able to access your information so you can easily modify your activity in relation to your goals. Without the display, you have to plug the armband unit into your computer to access this information, which is not always convenient. For more info, go to:

My review:
I actually own this device, as does my sister, Amy. I used it for about 6 months straight and she continues to use hers (she might be going on a year with it now). Overall, I felt it was a really cool gadget! I liked having immediate access to my steps taken and calories burned. I wasn't too sold on whether or not the device could actually determine the quality of my activity (light/medium/vigorous) but I enjoyed getting beeping messages whenever I reached my goals. There is also a nutrition component to the device that I never used, so I can't comment on that. The device does need to be plugged into your computer and updated/charged from time to time as expected. I also found the GWF's feedback on my sleep patterns interesting at first, but I quickly lost interest in that as it was mostly the same information everyday. I should note that some people love this feature, especially if they have insomnia issues.

What I didn't love:
First things first, I didn't love wearing the armband day in and day out. I found it to be a little bulky and it was obvious under clothing (except coats and bulky sweaters). Also, there is a fee associated with the online service that accompanies the device. I believe I paid about $6 a month for 6 months which isn't bad, but I found it annoying. Also, I caught myself getting a little to obsessed with my numbers and found myself walking around my room in circles at night to reach step goals (weird, I know). I could see how this might not be the best device for someone with OCD tendencies. :)

I'm not sure why I stopped wearing it. I guess I thought I was taking a break from wearing it and I just never put it back on. I still have it though and my husband is considering using it in the near future. I recently ordered a similar device called the 'Fitbit', which is like the GWF but doesn't have the armband. It's more of a small clip-like thing that you attach to your clothes. I'm waiting for it to arrive but when it does, and I have a few weeks of experience under my belt with it, I'll post a review.

Note: doesn't the accompanying picture look so peaceful in a 'fit' kind of way? I couldn't find a picture of myself doing this, but trust me, I do this EVERY day.

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