Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New equipment!

I'm not gonna hide it, I'm a huge fan of step aerobics. I'm such a fan that I even spent lots of my own money and time creating, filming, and coming up with music for my own step workout! 80's and butt-floss unitards you say? NONSENSE I say! Step aerobics is a great and totally fun way to get your HR up without leaving your house. Yes, there is often choreography involved, but there are lots of videos out there that focus more on athletic drills rather than intricate choreography. Case in point: Cathe Friedrich's Drill Max, Athletic step, and her Hiit workouts (brutal - but in a good way). As you may have noticed, I'm also a huge fan of the Friedrich and her workouts as I consider her to be the best. But that's just one girl's opinion. I realize there are lots of other instructors out there. In fact, when I opened my new slanted risers today, I was happily surprised that they came with a video by Kimberly Spreen. LOVE HER! So if you're the slightest bit interested, I suggest you run over to your nearest gym and try a step class. Butt-floss unitards are totally optional.

PS: Why does my spell-check not recognize 'unitard'? I use that word ALL THE TIME!!

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