Friday, April 16, 2010

Workout of the Day

Because my TV got wet yesterday due to an open window and a rainstorm, I am relegated to workout on my spinning bike and treadmill (boo hoo, right?). Anyway, I thought I'd post my workout for those who may have access to this equipment. If you're wondering, my bike is a 'Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike'. I guess that's a fancy way to say 'spin bike'? I've had the bike since February and I LOVE it! Most of the spin bikes I looked at ranged from $800 - $2000. This one cost me a little over $300 with $4 shipping on! I thought it was a great deal if I do say so myself. ;) On to the workout:

T Mill: 3 minute warm up (walk starting at 2.6 MPH and increasing to 3.2)
S Bike: 6 minute ride (alternating 'standing' and sitting every 2 minutes)
T Mill: 6 minutes (2 min fast walk/2 min med run/2 min fast walk)
S Bike: 6 minutes (alternating stand and sit every minute)
T Mill: 6 minutes (alternating fast walk/med run every minute)
T Mill: 3 minute cool down (slowing the tempo to reduce HR)

Total running time: 30 minutes baby!

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