Monday, August 1, 2011

Review: Rushfit System

Yeah I know, I haven't updated for a bit. Doesn't mean I don't care tho. Anywho, while I've been gone, I've been working out (obviously) and I've finished an 8 week Rushfit rotation. So here's the review.

First off, I did the beginner rotation. Sounds like it would be easy, right? You would be wrong about that. The systems comes with 3 rotation options (beginning, intermediate, and advanced - also comes with some good nutrition pointers). The difference between the options are how many rest days you get (beginning rotation you occasionally get 2 days off a week, intermediate/advanced you get one rest day a week) and how early in the rotation they add the 2 hardest workouts - "Full Body Strength and Conditioning" and "Explosive Power Training".

Overall, I really enjoyed the program. The workouts are usually set up with 5 rounds, about 5 minutes each and 1 minute rest in between rounds. There are a good mix of exercises, some MMA inspired, some kettlebell inspired (although a dumbell is used), and plenty of body weight and explosive type exercises. There is a clear timer for each round as well as for the entire workout which I really appreciated. Also, you just do as many reps as you can in a given interval. So basically you can go at your own pace which I LOVED!

The workouts are led by one of Georges St. Pierre's trainer, Erik Owings. I thought he was a good instructor and offered lots of form pointers without being obnoxious and annoying. ;)
GSP does offer some pointers (and some have complained about him 'whining' about how hard the exercises were), but mostly he just does the exercises and of course, he does them full tilt. ;) I actually enjoyed his banter and of course I found his French Canadian accent adorable.

It's designed to be an 8 week program and although I did do 8 weeks, I kinda get bored about the 6 week mark on any rotation. I know I'll pull these workouts again and I'll probably do another rotation. I'll just shorten to 6 weeks cause that's what suits me.

So they set up the rotations with 4 days (usually) of Rushfit workouts and 2 cardio days where you just do your own cardio. They have you start at 30 minutes for weeks 1-4, and work up to 40 minutes for weeks 5-8. They also specify heart rate zones they want you to aim for with the cardio. Some may find this annoying, but I actually enjoyed doing something different for those days (I did my own step workouts or incline walks, etc). Note: they occasionally have you add the "Balance and Agility" workout on some cardio days. I really liked this workout, but I hate the idea of 2 workouts in one day, so that kinda annoyed me.

What I didn't love: The warmup was the same. There's literally only one warmup. And it's 11 minutes long. After about a week of that, I just did the first or last 5 minutes and it made it much more doable. Also, the 'cooldown' is the same for each workout. The cooldown was just a series of stretches so I ended up walking around the room for a few minutes to get my heart rate down. I did do their 'cooldown' a few times and got bored so I ended up just doing my own thang.

To be clear, I purchased the 8 week program (8 workouts for $89.99). Not a bad price, IMO, but definitely not cheap either. If you're interested, you can go here to check it out. Again, I really liked the workouts and thought they were tons of fun. Highly recommended!

Stay tuned cause I'm currently doing a Supreme 90 rotation so I'll give my review on that as well...